Thieme-Blok Marina Georgievna - Russian artist from St. Petersburg, noblewoman, niece of Alexander Blok.
The most famous Russian artist, a bright original artist, a Russian Soviet artist, painter, graphic artist and teacher, a member of the St. Petersburg Artists' Union.
At the turn of the 80's and 90's her works as a part of the expositions of works by Leningrad artists were presented to European audiences at a number of foreign exhibitions.
Father, Blok Georgy Petrovich, a cousin of the poet Alexander Blok, was a hereditary lawyer, and was also endowed with many talents, including a brilliant draftsman. Alexander Nikolaevich Benois, who knew Georgy Petrovich well, highly valued his abilities.
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As Marina Georgievna writes in her autobiography: "My childhood was spent among friends and acquaintances - Vereisky, Bilibin, Dobuzhinsky, Kustodiev. In memory there were wonderful children's holidays, which, despite a difficult hunger time, were arranged in the Kustodiyevs' house on Vvedenskaya. The guests were always Marusya and Mitya Shostakovich, children of Dobuzhinsky, Oric Vereisky. Unforgettable and childlike impression of the bright, joyful paintings of Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. It must have all caused me an ineradicable desire to paint. As far as I can remember - I always drew".

In 1940 Marina Georgievna graduated from the Tauride Art College and entered the Academy of Arts at the pictorial department. She studied together with her wonderful masters: A.A. Mylnikov, V.F. Zagonek, F. I. Pakun, E.E. Moiseyenko, the sculptor M.A. Anikushin. Her favorite teacher was K. I. Rudakov.

The study was completed only in 1949 and for 20 years Marina Georgievna taught painting, drawing, composition in her native Tauride Art School and at the Academy of Arts.

"In 1955 I was admitted to the Leningrad branch of the Artists' Union. The closest creative relations developed at this time with Tatyana Bruni, Alexandra Schekatihina-Pototskaya, Sofya Yunovich. I took part in more than 40 different art exhibitions held in various cities of the country. Among my students there were already many famous artists Yury Mezhirov, Yuri Lyukshin, Igor Mayorov, Boris Smirnov and many others".

In 1969 Marina Georgievna retired and did not teach anymore. She got a good workshop on the Petrograd side. "I write portraits (Akhmatova, Bergholz, Shostakovich, Ulanova, Nureyev, poets Tikhonov, Dudin, Shefner, writers Brazhnin, Zoshchenko and many others), still lifes, landscapes. And yet my main love is my native Leningrad-Petersburg. Drawing Petersburg is the greatest pleasure and happiness. In these works, I put my whole soul without a trace. I can not live without this constant work, there is no sense. "

"In 1986, on the 40th anniversary of India's independence, I wrote two great works: a panel dedicated to the great history of our friendly people and a portrait of Indira Gandhi against the background of the Taj Mahal. The panel is in Bombay, and the portrait of Indira Gandhi in New Delhi in the Indira Gandhi Museum. These works deserved the praise of S.N. Roerich".

The last years of Maria Georgievna's life were difficult. "The trouble is, of course, that every year the vision, memory, strength go weak - it becomes more difficult to walk, draw. But the desire to create, work, to be useful to society, to enjoy life, new changes does not decrease".
Biographical information
Russian artist from St. Petersburg, noblewoman, niece of Alexander Blok.
She painted mostly landscapes and still lifes.
She graduated from the Higher Women's Bestuzhev Courses and took drawing lessons from Alexander Benois.
She taught the basics of mastery in the school at the Academy of Arts and in the Higher Art College after V. Serov.
Teacher of the famous watercolorist I. Mayorov.
The first personal exhibition of Thieme-Blok was held in Leningrad in 1940. She was a friend of Akhmatova, Ulanova, Berggolts.
The artist participated in more than 40 all-union, republican and foreign exhibitions. In 1999 and 2001, her two posthumous exhibitions were held in Moscow.
The Artists' Union was adopted only after forty years, in Khrushchev's "thaw" period. The works of Marina Thieme-Blok were sold at many leading Western auctions of the world.